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Welcome to Sonoma Tutoring, located at The Center in Sonoma,

California. We offer after-school & summer education for pre-school

through high school children. Our mission is to provide services which

empower students to develop their full potential while offering parents

ongoing communication. These services include educational assessment

and educational therapy, as well as tutoring, in a comprehensive pro-

cess to address the exceptional child's needs.


We really care about your child's education and wellbeing. We are here if your child needs a

little help, or a lot. An initial, free one-half hour consultation with Silvia Chloe is recommended.

The student, parent(s), and Silvia discuss the student's educational needs and to what degree

it matches that which the Center has to offer.





All artwork on this website is the product of Silvia's students.

Sonoma Tutoring at The Center                                                PO Box 524

Educational & Counseling Services                                           707-996-2930

670 West Napa St.                                                                     E-mail: thecenter@vom.com

Sonoma, CA. 95476                                                                  (or click here: E-mail)